Hi, my name is Mike Wombacher and I want to share with you an exciting new concept in dog training & entertainment television that will capitalize on the current popularity of dogs and training by bringing something to that ready market that is fresh, new and has the capacity to become the next “smash” hit.

The outline of the show below will not only give you a sense of the show itself, but how different it is from anything else currently out there and will be self-evident once you read it.

First, we will break our show into at least three segments, each having a separate function in the show:

• First, we will feature a multi-episode segment that tells a story whose continuation we will see in the next episode. In other words, there is a cliffhanger and hook that will cause people to want to tune in for the next episode. For example,

• We will help a family rescue a dog from the shelter. The first five minute segment of the first episode would see us at their house, assessing their situation, discussing the type of dog good for them, etc. Plenty of opportunity to discuss any number of training issues. We leave having addressed them and looking forward to next week, when…

• During the first five-minute segment of the second show we will accompany the family to the shelter to help them assess the dogs and make a selection based on pre-determined criteria for their family. This is also an opportunity to focus on the great work done by the shelter to save dogs and additionally to focus on related social trends such as dogs losing their homes to the foreclosure crisis. By the end of the segment the family will have picked the dog but be concerned about the transition to the new home.

• In the first five minute segment of the third episode we will deal with a variety of integration into the new household issues. There are endless numbers of these.

• The following week we will pick another topic and follow the same formula.
There are endless story lines with training elements.

• The second segment will be a stand alone training segment, such as the three most important principles of house training, or teaching your pup to stop biting, or teaching your pup how to sit and down, or … You get the idea. Again, endless amounts of material for this segment.

• The third segment would be an entertainment section. As, through our veteran publicist, John Blanchette, we have access to numerous celebrities we will be able to interview them, speak to them about their favorite animal causes, hear them tell us the things they like most or least about their dogs, etc. In this connection, we’ve already shot 40 minutes with Lou Ferrigno, the original Incredible Hulk, and we have about thirty two minute segments of me interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at the Saturn Awards. These could even be used as “bumpers” in fades to commercials.

• This segment will be very open ended and my function will be more of a host than trainer. That being the case we can explore any number of interesting dog topics – training dogs for service in Iraq/Afghanistan. Training search and rescue dogs, dog cloning for pet dogs, seeing eye dogs…the list is endless.

• In order to help differentiate our program from others that are out there, at the end of each segment or program we will offer five “take-away” training bullets that will scroll down the screen and that people can apply at home.

• Over the course of a 13-episode season I intend to rescue a dog from a shelter and chronicle its rehabilitation with me over the course of that period. In other words, each week there’d be a one or two minute bit on what I’ve done with the little dog this week and how he’s doing. By the end of the thirteen weeks the dog should be ready to go into a great new home.

• With further respect to differentiation from other training programs currently on the air we intend to have a very strong web presence:

• Specifically, once the show has aired I will write detailed training advice that relates to the show aired that viewers can download for free. For instance, what are the five best ways to help deal you’re your dog’s separation anxiety? These will be archived so viewers will have plenty of reason to keep visiting the site, which, of course, will drive viewership.

• We will have out takes from the various episodes so that viewers will get even more entertainment value from the program. Could put a ton of fun celebrity stuff in here.

• With the website successful we can, of course, derive advertising revenue from the site.

• The web will be useful to us in other ways:

• Each week, or periodically as we decide, we could have a segment on cool doggie videos we found on YouTube.

• We could have people upload videos of their dog’s problem behaviors for me to analyze and comment upon. This will give us tons of free, entertaining and educational content.

Clearly, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. Having me play the role of both expert trainer and host will allow us to continue to develop the show into whatever directions we deem interesting and viewer feedback tells us. We won’t be locked into a one-dimensional formula like the Dog Whisperer. That means, we could capitalize on his success and be even more successful.

Finally, from a production standpoint, we can control our costs and we have no writers/actors to deal with. It’s a very flexible financial model with an enormous amount of upside.