There's a Puppy in the House
Michael Wombacher's newest book, "There's a Puppy in the House" is the latest and best guide to raising your puppy available anywhere. It leaves literally no topic relevant to puppy raising untouched. Written in an easy and engaging style, it includes an in-depth look at housebreaking, covers every area of concern for new puppy owners including home manners, socializing, obedience training and much much more.

Book Reviews:
"Mike's approach helps you to fully understand your puppy's personality and tailor the training for him or her as an individual. This book definitely provides the path to a happy and well-trained companion."
- Dean Beyerink, DVM

"This is a practical guidebook for the real life situations you will encounter with your cuddly canine and will enable you to create the ideal relationship without diminishing the joy of puppyhood at all."
- Laura Hawkins-Smith, Founder, K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care.

There's a Baby in the House
Michael Wombacher's first dog training book provides a comprehensive program for basic relationship training along with great methods for preparing your dog before your baby arrives. Learn how to evaluate your dog and identify potential problems long before your child arrives; how to resolve common behavior problems such as barking, object guarding, fearfulness, protectiveness, and separation anxiety; how to teach your dog to build positive associations with the presence of your child; and how to avoid fostering a competitive dynamic between your dog and your child.

Book Reviews:
"A practical guide written with style and a sense of humor by one who truly understands the behavior of dogs and the relationship they have with their human families." - Joyce Weidman, DVM

"Knowledge is power! Get ready to gain some valuable insights into the world of a professional dog trainer who knows his stuff. Everyone can benefit from this book." - Kirk Turner, eztrain Dog Training

Good Dog Happy Baby
Get Free Expert Advice on How to Train Your Dog for the Arrival of Your New Baby Podcast by Mike Wombacher,

"Join Mike Wombacher, 20-year veteran dog trainer, on this 15 minute podcast as he explains how to prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby. In this podcast Mike goes over the reasons why parents should start training now to ensure a seamless transition when the baby comes home. Mike is the author of the only e-book and audio course on the subject, "Good Dog Happy Baby", a comprehensive, step-by-step training program that outlines the potential problem areas and what to do to avert doggie disaster."

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Mike is a regular contributing writer for the newest and best dog magazine on the planet, The American Dog.

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